Delightful Apps

There is something missing in our apps. The apps feel inhumane, lifeless, a cardboard imitation of our reality. Our apps need to be more human, to use more of our senses, to have that little spray of delight to remind you that it was made for people and was made by people, not just strings of ones and zeros served by a machine in an underground server farm across the ocean.

published on 2022-09-08
4 min read
2 min videos

Illustration by David Hellman for Dynamicland


The Future of Software Design and Development

We can't predict the future, but we can extrapolate some of it. Tech giants have unveiled their vision of the future. Some seem optimistic, a few far-fetched, and others are just plain virtual dystopian. However, there is a vision out there that rarely gets the spotlight.

published on 2022-02-01
35 min read
95 min videos

The Many Interfaces of JavaScript and React

JavaScript and React commonly run on the web, and in recent years they've also ran on mobile and desktop, but they also run on other interfaces that you might not have heard about...yet!

published on 2021-09-01
10 min read
the web 3.0

The Future Of The Web

The web as we know it is changing, it's turning from being static, single-player, and centralized to being immersive, multi-player, and decentralized.

published on 2021-07-05
8 min read

A Love Letter to The Web

My journey with the interwebs.

published on 2021-05-30
3 min read